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Imagine lying back in a hammock, listening to the waves lap the sandy shore, sipping through a straw in your coconut. Our Piña Colada Teatails combine the sweet sharpness of pineapple with the creamy goodness of the coconut. Enjoy hot or cold, summer or winter – it’s never the wrong time to get some sunshine in your life.

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You can practically hear those New York yellow cabs beeping their horns when you take a sip of our Cosmo. Transporting you all the way to a busy bar in the Big Apple but without the hassle of a hangover. Our Cosmopolitan Teatails combine the sharp sassiness of cranberries with the juiciness of oranges. Hot stuff!

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It might be grey and cloudy outside but make yourself a mojito and imagine dangling your legs in a pool after a hard day of sightseeing and sunbathing. Our Mojito Teatails combine the summery sharpness of a lime with a refreshing kick of mint. A Cuban classic meets the English tradition of a good old cuppa, perfection!